The VistA-Edge RCM is an Integrated Enterprise Cloud based Revenue Cycle Management

The VistA-Edge RCM is an easy to use system with rich features for Patient Registration, Appointments, Paper and Electronic Claims that conforms to 5010 HIPAA messages. All patient registrations and appointments are sent automatically to your EMR. All billing related information including CPT and ICD codes are received back from your EMR for automated billing.

  • Scalable from Single Physician/Clinic or Hospital to a multi-location healthcare institutions based in multiple time zones.

  • Ensure that all costs are Captured, Claimed and Collected and no income falls between the cracks – using Dashboards and Extensive Reporting.

  • Integration with Electronic Health Records.

  • Suitable for use with any version of VistA (the Electronic Health Record system in use by the Hospitals of the Department of Veterans Affairs).

  • Can be deployed as a Standalone system or Integrated with any other Electronic Health Record System.

VistA-Edge RCM Features

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