VistA-Edge Add On’s provides user friendly graphical user interfaces for existing VistA Modules and other add on’s to complement your EHR.

The VistA-Edge Add On package provides additional systems & functionality which may typically not be available with your EHR. In case you have a special/ custom requirement feel free to contact us with your requirements for us to schedule a meeting to provide an apt solution for your use. Some of our Add-on’s include:

  • Registries – Diabetes, Asthma and CVD etc.

  • Prescription Printing, eMLC, Postmortem report.

  • Discharge Summary.

  • VistA-Edge Mobile. (Allows providers to view their patient’s chart on a mobile device. All Patient’s Problems, Allergies, Medications, Recent Lab Results, Latest Vitals recorded, Immunization status, Past visits with summaries, Upcoming appointments, and notes are view-able using this system.)

  • VistA-Edge BCMA Mobile App.

  • VistA-Edge Appointment Request Mobile App.

  • UDS & Grant (available as a plug-in) Reporting.

  • Surgery Module.

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